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I lost 8.5 pounds and didn't even realize it!!!!

I'm pretty sure a few of my friends at work know that there's something up with me, but I know they can't and won't do anything about it. Hell, my manager almost encourages it, the way he said it looked like I'd lost weight, and the fact that he agreed when I said I have a ghetto booty for a skinny white girl. I'm pretty sure my mom knows too though..when I was at home this weekend I was making the Sacred Heart soup, and I told her what it was for and she just said ok and went about her business. No one can really do anything about it b/c I'm in college now.

CW: 126.5
HW: 135
STW1: 125
STW2: 120
LTW: 115

I'm almost to my first goal and I didn't even know it!!! YES!!!!!!!! The last time I knew I was at my high weight =D

I wanna take it in little steps b/c I beat myself up easily when I fail, and I'm depressive and go the whole self-mutilation route, so I'm doing baby steps here.

I just started the Sacred Heart diet today, so I'll post back to let you all know how it's going!!

Stay strong!!
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