iwanttobethin (iwanttobethin) wrote in dietingisdeath,

so far so good

today has been super hard but in three hours i will have made 24 hours , which is quite the accomplishment for me. all i've been drinking is green tea and water so hopefully it'll do something.

lunch time was extremely hard with making lunch and not being able to eat any of it. i almost went for some tortilla chips but backed out last minute. yay! it shouldn't be that hard to hide for the rest of the day cause i'm going to school after work, and then my bfs. i'll tell him i picked something up earlier.

other than that, nothing is new. i know i'm going to have to break the fast one day this week when i go out to eat with my bf. so i'll get a salad. anyone have any reccommendations for salad dressing when eating out?

keep strong girls.

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