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i'm new too so i figured i would drop a quick post. this is the second lj i've created so i can post about all this weight business. right now i'm looking to lose 40 pounds but it's been really hard. i've never weighed this much, it all of a sudden came on with my new job i started in january.

i've been trying to eat healthier but went back to pruging after meals the past few weeks. i've also taken up running for exercise. i just need more discipline.

my stats:

cw: 190
lw: 140
hw: current
short term gw: 150
long term: 135ish.
height: 5'7
age: 22

so yeah. that's me in a nutshell. either today or tomorrow i'm starting that sacred heart diet so we'll see how that goes. i look forward to talking to you guys more.

best of luck!
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