Ashley K (ashhole6) wrote in dietingisdeath,
Ashley K

i'm geeked! my three really good friends (who i hang out with ALL the time) commented on how i really did lose a lot of weight. (mostly from actually being healthy about it...with a couple water fasts thrown in...which, from all the evidence i've read really aren't all that bad for you.)

as a result? i now have 3 RL work out/dieting buddies. i figure that, as long as i hang out with them, i'll be able to work my goals!

the bad point of the night, however, was the slice of deep crust pizza my overly concerned guy friend made me eat. (honestly...he was my ride and told me, that, until i finish that effing piece of pizza, he would not drive me home.)

i want to do the SHD again, but, after last time, i'm sooo sick of that damned soup. i think i'm going to modify it so that i just stick to the 7 day eating plan w/o the y'all think that'd still work?
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