analovesrugby (analovesrugby) wrote in dietingisdeath,


I was hospitalized for the first time on saturday. I went into the ER for asthma, but they did blood work, and about an hour later they carried out a bag of potassium, as I thought "oh fuck they know." They ended up keeping me in the ICU b/c of low blood pressure and a slightly weak heartbeat. They did a verbal probe of my eating habits once I got to my room, as I chowed down. I never want to be in there again..the potassium hurt so fucking bad. So, here's my question..

I gained like 5 pounds back when I was in there, and my color and everything has gotten better. I'm going to be going hardcore again since I'm back up to 125, so I want to know what kind of vitamins I should be taking, and I still want to have color and not look like a ghost. I have some, but if I had to have 2 bags of potassium, I don't think they're really working that well. Should I not use potassium supplemments in case of overdose, kinda like with Iron supplements? What kinds of vitamins do you guys use?

If you guys would leave me comments about it, I would appreciate it soooo much! Thanks!!!
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