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Newsletter About Breakfast [x-posted]

My breakfast usually consists of coffee, and LOTS of it.  Maybe I should reconsider.


Long called the most important meal of the day, a new study confirms breakfast's top ranking. Researchers from Vermont's Rutland Regional Medical Center found that those who ate breakfast on a regular basis benefited in four important ways:

1. They had lower body-mass indexes.
2. Their risk of obesity and insulin resistance was reduced.
3. They maintained a better, long-term weight-loss success rate.
4. Their mental alertness increased throughout the day!

Researchers speculate that breakfast "wakes up" your metabolism, thus increasing the overall amount of energy—aka calories—you burn throughout the day. Make the most of your morning meal by including a little of everything—a protein source for long-lasting power, a complex carbohydrate for more immediate fuel, some dairy for strong bones, and fruit to add lots of vitamins. In fact, don't be afraid to make breakfast your biggest meal! After all, unlike those late-night snacks that end up turning into stored fat while you sleep, you have all day to burn off breakfast! How great is that?

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