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These are a few of my favorite things...

When I originally started my journal I said that I would put helpful hints and what not in here, as well as websites that were helpful to me, and we sorry I haven't kept up my part of the deal!

My all time favorite web site PRO ANA and PRO MIA is there is tons of great reading, and order a bracelet there, she makes beautiful ones!

I have read - this is sorta the ANA underground, good site, but I still totally love the most!

For a list of Pro ana sites:

An easy BMI formula from :
your weight multiplied by 704.7... then take that total and divide it by your height squared
the BMI scale:
< 15 - Emaciated
< 17.5 - Anorexic
<19 - Underweight
19-24 - Normal
25-29 - Overweight
>29 - Obese
here is mine for example :
weight : 187 X 704.7 = 131778.9 divided by my height squared
my height is 5'7 3/4"... = 5491
131778.9/5491= 23.9 - I am Overweight.
Isn't that sooo nice :( Oh well, I am sure I will like using it better when I weigh less!

Check out to see how many calories you burn naturally throughout the day! Pretty useful info nice site!

And my second favorite web site of all is: this site has tons of awesome healthy tips for weight loss... so if you are ana you may not like everything there, but if you are like me and trying to get a little help to get back on track it is truly a wonderful site...
both of these sites were referred to me by a friend and I am soooo thankful to have found them!

Well I hope I have been helpful to someone... there are enough links in all of these sites that I have listed to help someone find exactly what they are looking for, garaunteed!

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